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multimedia tutorials
  • Fungus World

    Training material on "Fungus World" prepared by Dr. Feza Otağ
    Fungus Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus terreus, Au...

    Blood and the preparation of the blood products

    Training material on "Blood and the preparation of the blood products" prepared by Dr. Feza Otağ
    Blood, Blood and blood products, Preparation of the blood products
  • Vaccines and Immune Serums

    Training material on Vaccines and Immune Serums prepared by Dr. Feza Otağ
    Vaccine, Immune serums

    How to do BSE?

    Although it?s value in early diagnosis is not fully presented,there is a consensus on the subject that every woman in the world should regularly do breast self-examination. Women with no risk factor s...
    Breast cancer, BSE
  • Common Hand Surgery Service

    50 year old male patient was examined in our hospital?s emergency service after a work accident (left hand was caught to a large saw). 2 hours passed before the application.
    Hand injuries