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CausaPedia - Hakemli Olgu Dergisi
e-ISSN: 2147-2181
CausaPedia - Hakemli Olgu Dergisi

Terms and Conditions

1. Please read the below “Terms of Use” before using Causapedia. The siteowner reserves the right to change the information existing or to take place in this site, forms, content, site and terms of use of the site at any time. The changing “Terms of Use” of this site will be effectice on the date of announcement.

2. Each real and legal person benefiting from the services offered in Causapedia (at either a certain price or free of charge) or accessing the site in any manner are deemed to have accepted the “Terms of Use”. Each real and legal person benefiting from the services of the site and accessing to the site are deemed to have accepted in advance any change to be made by Causapedia in the terms of this agreement.

3. Causapedia is an an open platform for healthcare professionals. The site's membership is open only to healthcare professionals, and the content will be open for them.

4. The beneficiaries and users of Causapedia services can only make transactions at the site for legal, personal or corporate purposes. The users have the entire legal and penal responsibility for their transactions and actions within the site. All users accept, declare and undertake that they will not engage in activities within the site which would violate and attack of Causapedia and/or third parties’ personal rights, and that Causapedia is entitled to use, process, save, exhibit, and distribute to third parties all written and visual materials submitted to Causapedia. Users accept, declare and undertake not to copy, duplicate, distribute, or process images, text, audio materials, videos, and files in Causapedia, and not to compete neither directly nor indirectly with Causapedia through such actions or other ways.

5. All elements of Causapedia (including but not limited to, design, text, image, html code and other codes - hereinafter referred to collectively as the copyrighted works of Causapedia) belong to Causapedia. Users are not entitled to resell, process, share, distribute, publish in internet, intranet or other electronic media, or exhibit Causapedia services or let others access or use the services of Causapedia.

6. Users accept, declare and undertake that the comment, information and content provided by them within the site is correct and legal. Causapedia does not have any legal or penal responsibility for contents displayed by the user which are not uploaded or formed by itself as the result of a voluntary act of Causapedia whereas the displaying and accessing of such content at the site does not imply a confirmation that has adopted these contents and verified the information in them. The user who provides the information and comment shall have full responsibility for that information.

7. Causapedia reserves its right to change the services offered within the site and contents accessible from the site, including informations and comments provided by the user, at any time. Causapedia can exercise such rights without prior notice.

8. Causapedia can provide link from the site to other websites beyond its control and owned and operated by other third parties and/or contents and/or files. These links are provided only for ease of reference and do not support the related website or its operator or do not constitute a statement or guarantee with regard to the website or the information contained within it. Causapedia does not have any responsibility regarding the websites, files and contents accessible through the links in the site or the products or services or their content offered in the websites accessible through such links.

9. Causapedia can use, disclose the information delivered by the users through the site in accordance with the “Terms of Use” and the provisions of membership agreement, process and share, sort and maintain them on any database.

10. Causapedia may, at any time and at its own discretion, change these “Terms of Use” of site by announcing at the site. Changed provisions of these “Terms of Use” of site will be effective on the date of announcement.

11. Causapedia is not obliged for the late performance or non-performance of either of these “Terms of Use” of site or membership agreement in all situations legally regarded as force majeure. This situation as well as others like this will not be considered as delay or non-performance or default in terms of Causapedia and no indemnity obligation for Causapedia will arise thereof. The expression force majeure will be construed as incidents which occur beyond the reasonable control of the related party and cannot be prevented by Causapedia despite all necessary care. Apart from this, provided that they are not limited to this acts of god, insurrection, war, strike, communication problems, infrastructure and internet breakdowns, power cut and adverse weather conditions are also considered as force majeure events.