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A Rare Cause Of Acute Abdomen: Acute Appendicitis Due To Appendicular Diverticula Perforation

Appendicular Diverticulum Perforation
Articles > SURGICAL
Submitted : 14.01.2021
Accepted : 24.01.2021
Published: 02.04.2021


Appendicular diverticulitis is a very rare condition that is similar to the acute appendicitis clinically, but the risk of perforation and complications is higher. The definitive diagnosis is often made by histology. We report a case of acute appendicitis due to appendicular diverticulum perforation.
Keywords: Diverticulum perforation , Appendicular diverticulitis , Acute appendicitis


Apendiküler divertikülit, klinik olarak akut apandisite benzer çok nadir bir durumdur, ancak perforasyon ve komplikasyon riski daha yüksektir. Kesin tanı genellikle histoloji ile konur. Apendiküler divertikül perforasyonuna bağlı akut apandisit olgusunu sunuyoruz.
Anahtar kelimeler: Divertikül perforasyonu , Apendiküler divertikülit , Akut apandisit
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