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Subıleus Caused by Giant Lipoma at Ascending Colon; Case Report
Salih Tuncal, Melahat Dönmez, Mehmet Ali Akkuş
Accept date: 24.12.2012
A Rare Case of a Giant Hydatid Cyst
İbrahim Kara, Ziya Kurban Yurt, Yasin Ay, Aslı Gül Akgül
Accept date: 20.12.2012
Isolated Pancreas Injury by Blunt Trauma
Neşat Çullu, Halil Beydilli, Mehmet Deveer
Accept date: 14.12.2012
Isolated Hemorrhagıc Necrosıs In Cecum
Mehmet Esat Duymuş, Abdullah Durhan, Selim Temel, Aziz Mutlu Barlas, Fatih Aslan, Melahat Dönmez, Serap Ekici
Accept date: 22.10.2012
Traumatic extrahepatic biliary tract injury: Fracture in common hepatic channel bifurcation
Volkan İnce, Bülent Ünal, Vural Soyer, Mehmet Yılmaz, Sezai Yılmaz
Accept date: 11.10.2012
Gallstone Ileus: A Rare Ileus Cause
Ömer Topuz, Hasan Dirik, Halil Mert Bahadır, Tamer Ertan
Accept date: 05.10.2012
How to do Breast Self-Examination?
Although it?s value in early diagnosis is not fully presented,there is a consensus on the subject that every woman in the world should regularly do breast self-examination. Women w...
Accept date: 02.10.2012
Rare Tumor Ganglıoneuroma In Adrenal Gland: Case Report
Sertaç Usta , Bülent Ünal, Cemalettin Aydın, Koray Kutlutürk, Adil Başkıran
Accept date: 27.09.2012
Case Report: Right Orchiopexy + Hypospadias Penoscrotal Fistula Repairment
Patient is urinating from the underside of his penis and it was noticed by patient?s relatives that his right testicle is not well-placed as well. In epicenter, scrotal hypospadias...
Accept date: 10.09.2012