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Nutritional Disorder in a 22-Month-Old Child due to a Rare Pathology: Plexiform Neurofibroma on the Lower Lip
İbrahim Hıra, Mustafa Şahin, Ali Bayram, Mehmet Yaşar, Fatma Çevik Kaya
Accept date: 31.05.2019
Lymphangioma of the Tonsil
İbrahim Aras, İrfan Bayram
Accept date: 09.01.2018
Hand-foot-mouth Disease in an Immunocompetent Adult
Kazım Kıratlı, Yusuf Topal, Bülent Saat, Serkan Kemer, Erdem Çevik
Accept date: 19.01.2017
Large Submental Epidermoid Cyst: A Report of Two Cases
Evren Erkul, Ercan Kaya
Accept date: 25.06.2014